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Post 6 – Community Contributions

Hi Hannah! I really like the idea of having a professional, public social media account to post about experiences when teaching. I have also considered doing this when I become a teacher. I agree that it is an excellent way… Continue Reading →

Post 6 – Engaging your PLN

I had a great experience during this course, and I learned a lot of useful information that will really benefit me as a future educator. I believe that my understanding of a PLN will benefit me during my professional development… Continue Reading →

Post 5 – Community Contributions

Hi Olivia! I really liked that you related the content this week to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s video about single stories. I also strongly agree with how you connected the video to what Mr. Baker said about social media allowing multiple… Continue Reading →

Post 5 – Power of a PLN in Education

I was very interested to look at the content for this week. With what has been going on with the Residential Schools across Canada, it is extremely important to learn about Indigenous education. As a future educator, I am looking… Continue Reading →

Peer Review of Interactive Learning Resource Hi Carla, Chloe, Jason, Megan, and Neha! I really enjoyed reading your Interactive Learning Resource! You did an excellent job! First, I would like to say that I really like the way you organized the document! The grey headings… Continue Reading →

Post 4 – Community Contributions

Hello! I really enjoyed reading your blog post! I thought it was great that the video had a question at the beginning. This gives the viewers something to think about while they watch and learn from the video. It is… Continue Reading →

Post 4 – Interaction

This is the video I chose to help students with their descriptive writing. What kind of interaction would the video require from your students? Does it force them to respond in some way (inherent)? This video would require a learner-material… Continue Reading →

Post 4 – Community Contributions Hi Neha! I think the example you suggested for a psychologist’s social media is great! Personally, I would be interested in reading posts about mental-health and well-being because those are important topics that affect everyone. It is crucial to… Continue Reading →

Balancing PLN, Media Literacy, & Public Discourse

I learned a lot of interesting information from the content this week. I especially found the interviews very informative. Media literacy is a very useful and important topic that helps us develop skills needed to be able to discover fake… Continue Reading →

Post 3 – Community Contributions

Hi Carla! I strongly agree with what you said about all students having their own, individual approach to each subject, and that even if they learn in similar ways, there are no students that learn in the exact same way…. Continue Reading →

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